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Valérie Bataille & Benoit Calvet


France, Spain, and Italy

We innovate today to enrich and build tomorrow’s tradition.
— Valérie Bataille and Benoit Calvet

Over 3 Decades of Tradition and Innovation

It all began with two young graduates, Valérie Bataille and Benoit Calvet, who met in the 1980s and created their own wine trading company. Centered in Bordeaux, France, they began building partnerships with local winemakers and eventually expanded across Europe.

For over 30 years, Benoit Valérie Calvet has been bringing great French, Spanish, and Italian wines to consumers. They emphasize both tradition and innovation in wine from excellent terroirs. In fact, Benoit Valérie Calvet was among the first to offer Bordeaux wines with screw caps. They are also leaders in sustainable development, pushing for organic farming to reflect their commitment to environmental sustainability.


Producing Great Wines in France, Spain, and Beyond

Originally created as a wine trading company, Benoit Valérie Calvet works with great winemakers in several countries and brings their quality wines to consumers.


Originally based in Bordeaux on the banks of the River Garonne, Benoit Valérie Calvet has a long history of producing great French wine from this region and beyond. Recently, they began producing and offering wines from Burgundy and the Rhône Valley, under their BVC Rhône label. The De La Rougerie collection is a tribute to an ancestor, Madame de la Rougerie, an icon who embodied elegance, curiosity, and flair.


De La Rougerie Chardonnay
Crisp and elegant notes of melon, pear, and yellow apple abound in this white wine made from 100% Chardonnay grapes, which won a Gold Medal at the International Women’s Wine Competition.

De La Rougerie Cabernet Sauvignon
Made from 100% Cabernet Sauvignon grapes, this red wine has juicy black fruit notes and a smooth finish, which earned it an award at the Sommelier Challenge International Wine & Spirits Competition.

De La Rougerie Merlot
Made from 100% Merlot grapes, this award-winning soft and fruity red is deep in color, with ripe, concentrated notes of plum and juicy black fruits.

In 2014, Benoit Valérie Calvet expanded into Spain, offering award-winning wines with the Utiel-Requena designation of origin, under their BVC Bodegas label.


El Macho Viura/Sauvignon Blanc
Harvested in the coolest hours of the morning and fermented at a low temperature to retain freshness, this Double Gold-Medal winner consists of a blend of Sauvignon Blanc and Viura grapes, with bright flavors of citrus.

Soltius Bella Viña Blanco
An award-winner at the 2018 Harvest Challenge Wine Competition, this dry white wine has generous notes of citrus, green apple, and flowers, plus a refreshing palate that’s excellent with goat cheese and seafood.

Torre de Rejas Tempranillo
This award-winning red from Spain towers over other reds with big notes of cherry and fresh acidity, making it an incredibly food-friendly and enjoyable wine.

We have succeeded in developing our business by following our intuition, blending seriousness, creativity and an open mind.
— Valérie Bataille & Benoit Calvet

The Secret to Producing Excellent Wines

Benoit Valérie Calvet is proud of the ability to capture international trends and understand palates around the world. With a flexible structure, they can keep each stage of the winemaking process under their control, which maintains a high quality, in addition to a highly experienced team and strong relationships with winemakers. The numerous medals and prizes earned by their wines bear witness to this high level of quality.

Utiel-Requena, Spain vineyard

Utiel-Requena, Spain vineyard

Utiel-Requena, Spain harvest team

Utiel-Requena, Spain harvest team

La Mancha, Spain wine harvest

La Mancha, Spain wine harvest

Our Featured Benoit Valerie Calvet Wines

Many of these excellent Benoit Valérie Calvet wines are marketed exclusively on a DRINKS-owned property or through a DRINKS Platform Partnership.

El Macho Reserva Red Blend

El Macho Cava

El Macho Viura/Sauvignon Blanc

Torre de Rejas Joven Tempranillo

Torre de Rejas White Blend

Torre de Rejas Crianza Tempranillo

Marqués de Plata Reserva Red Blend

Marqués de Plata Cava

Marqués de Plata Blanco

Marqués de Aléra Tempranillo Crianza

Marqués de Aléra Blanco

Marqués de Aléra Tempranillo Joven

Fuerza de la Tierra Tempranillo

Fuerza de la Tierra White Blend

De La Rougerie Merlot

De La Rougerie Chardonnay

De La Rougerie Cabernet Sauvignon

De La Rougerie Sauvignon Blanc


Soltius Bella Viña Rojo Reserva

Soltius Bella Viña Blanco

Soltius Bella Viña Blanco



Benoit Valérie Calvet arose from two young graduates, Valérie Bataille and Benoit Calvet


An acclaimed product portfolio sourced from top regions of Spain, France, and Italy


Produced and exported per year across 25 countries