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Félix Solís Ramos


Valdepeñas, Spain

Wine should be available to everyone… that is why we want to produce quality wines by growing grapes and crafting wines with the same values as our father.
— The Solís Brothers


A Family’s Vision for Quality Wine

Founded in 1975, the Félix Solís SL winery in Valdepeñas, Spain, is one of the largest family-owned wineries in the world. It produces many high-quality wines under the Valdepeñas Denominación de Origen classification, and is well-known among locals in its native country of Spain.


A World-Class Wine Selection

Félix Solís produces popular red blends as well as exquisite bottles of aged Tempranillo. These wines are enjoyed all around the world for their delicious flavors and complexity, and many have won awards from prestigious competitions.

An Award-Winning Portfolio

Félix Solís wines marketed by DRINKS continue to accumulate top honors at international wine tastings.


2016 Bambera Gran Selección Tempranillo
Earned a Silver Medal from the Critics Challenge International Wine Competition. This bold red wine has complex aromas of wild berries and spices, and notes of blueberries and currants on the palate.

2017 Muchas Manos Red Blend
This wine from La Mancha is a stately dark red in the glass with generous aromas of red fruits, and hints of pepper, spices and mocha won a 94-point Platinum Medal in the 2019 Winemaker Challenge International Wine Competition.

2012 Bambera Reserva Tempranillo
This Silver Medal-winner is a rustic, aged red wine with dried goji berries and cranberries on the nose with a ripe burst of fruit and smoky vanilla on the palate.

Sixth place in the world recognizes our philosophy, which is to make excellent wines which are also good value for money; the enjoyment of good wines does not have to be reserved for the few.
— Félix Solís Ramos, Director of Exportation and Marketing

6th Place of 100 Best Wineries of the World (WRWS), July 2017


At Home in Valdepeñas, Spain

Félix Solís is located in Valdepeñas, which is a wine producing region located south of Madrid in Central Spain, surrounded by the larger La Mancha region. This historic wine-growing area traditionally supplied wine to Madrid and Valencia. After the phylloxera pest struck in the 19th Century and devastated the region’s grapes, it was replanted with mainly Airen grapes, which are tolerant of the area’s harsh climate.

The terroir of this region is reflected in its name: Valdepeñas means “Valley of Rocks,” and it’s located in a wide, hilly area with largely limestone soils. The region has a semi-arid and continental climate, with very hot summers and cold winters.


Airen and Tempranillo are the most characteristic grapes grown in this region of Spain, although there is increased interest in growing international varieties such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Syrah, Sauvignon Blanc, and Chardonnay. The region is also known for production of “claret,” a light-bodied red that is a blend of both Airen and Tempranillo grapes.

Our Featured Félix Solís Wines

Many of these excellent Félix Solís wines are marketed exclusively on a DRINKS-owned property or through a DRINKS Platform Partnership.

Bambera Reserve Tempranillo

Bambera Gran Selección Tempranillo

Muchas Manos White Blend

Muchas Manos Red Blend

Contenda Chardonnay

Contenda Red Blend

Frissé Rosé Frizzante

Frissé White Frizzante

Frissé Sangria Frizzante

Viña San Juan Red Blend

Viña San Juan White Blend

Pulpo Albariño

Viña Albali Tempranillo Joven

Viña Albali Reserva Tempranillo

Castillo de Albai Tempranillo

Blume Sauvignon Blanc

Blume Verdejo

Altos de Tamarón Red

Dedication to Quality


One reason for the long-standing excellence of Félix Solís wines lies in the winery’s dedication to quality. Félix Solís has a team of experts who work hard to combine traditional vine cultivation methods with modern wine making technology, leading to the creation of very high-quality wines. The winery also boasts the largest automatic and temperature-controlled wine warehouse in Europe.


The Solís family owns 500 hectares and is associated to another 5,000 family-owned vine growers


An immense barrel cellar that contains 50,000 American oak barrels


A daily harvest capacity of 7.5 million kilograms of grapes